Sisters Linda Woods and Karen Dinino are the authors of  the best-selling books Meeting In The Ladies Room, Journal Revolution, and  Visual Chronicles.  Their fearless, no-rules approach to art and self-expression has been featured on The View, national television, and in magazines and newspapers nationwide.  Lindaís vibrant artwork, unique journals, photography and articles about the creative process have appeared in books, magazines, art calendars, and exhibits worldwide.  Karen Dinino practices employment law, trains executives to write and to speak well, and formerly was a professional journalist. 

When they arenít traveling the globe, snapping photos of bold expression from the subways to the skies, Karen and Linda live in Southern California.  To the delight of their husbands, they no longer live together.  Linda lives with her husband, Dustin, and Karen lives with her husband, Bill, and their two children, Emily and Brent.  Linda and Karen can usually be found instant messaging each other, in the wee hours of the night.

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